Lanzarote Diving Insurance

Bring your dive insurance with you

Safari Diving would like to advise you that under the Spanish Diving Laws (B.E. no. 280, 22nd November 1997, Ministerio de Fomento) it is mandatory that all divers here have *Personal Accident and Third Party Liability Insurance.*

Whilst some holiday insurance policies may cover you to dive please check the terms of your policy with regard to diving. Some policies may not cover you for scuba diving and may have only very limited medical cover

The costs of medical treatment abroad can be very expensive should you require hospitalisation or recompression treatment whilst scuba diving abroad. It is for the protection of your own personal finances that you ensure you have adequate diving insurance cover.

If you do not have the necessary diving insurance cover to dive here in Lanzarote you will breaking the law and may also have to pay in full for any medical costs incurred. When you are diving with Safari Diving, at registration we will ask you to provide the following:

Details of: Name of insurance company, Policy number, Date of Policy, Insurance emergency contact number and the procedures to follow in the case of an emergency.

Sighting of your original insurance document – you need to provide proof that you have adequate cover – for current details of these requirements email us. We will not accept verbal statements for example, I am insured with my bank. You will need to ask for proof from them that you are covered adequately.

For instructors teaching here whilst with Safari Diving you will need adequate cover for Spain (email us for details) and in addition to this, Instructor Liability insurance to the value of 5,000,000 euros and your students will require insurance too.

If you cannot provide this necessary information or do not have insurance, we will be able to effect immediate cover on your behalf at very reasonable costs. Please do not email your policies to us.

Please remember that most specialist diving insurance companies will stipulate that recreational sport diving activities are carried out in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations for safe diving practices as laid down by your certifying diving agency eg BSAC,PADI, SSI, etc.

This is of paramount importance with regard to the depth that you intend to dive to.

Safari Diving Insurance

Here is a sample of the websites that you can view for details of insurance cover:

Alternatively insurance can be purchased at Safari Diving Lanzarote.

Cover for EUR:
One day 5,00
One week 12,50
One month 24,50
One year 42.40

Please note if you are aged 70 or over you will be required to purchase your own insurance as our insurance will not cover you.

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