The underwater museum in Playa Blanca

Lanzarote has a very special dive site: the Museo Atlántico in Playa Blanca, the only underwater museum in Europe with sculptures by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Both divers and beginners can visit this unique dive site with us. The sculpture museum is located in a sheltered area at a depth of 12 to 15 meters.

The sculptures of the Museo

Museo Atlántico was developed as an artificial reef and consists of ten different groups of sculptures. You will find the Rubicon, a group of 35 statues of people all walking towards the opening in a wall, the raft of Lampedusa consisting of a boat with refugees and a group of children in small boats called Los Jolateros. Furthermore, there are several statues that are half cactus and half-human to show the harmony between man and nature. The last group shows about 200 sculptures of people that are laid down in a circle.

For certified divers

Every day certified divers can visit this unique dive site. Safari Diving arranges transport to Playa Blanca on fixed days, but if you have your own transport you can come along whenever you want. If you have not dived for a longer period of time you can also do a refresher dive at Safari Diving first.

Also for beginners

For people who do not have a diving license, there is a special program to visit Museo Atlántico. This program consists of three parts: an introductory dive from the shore, a pool lesson to learn some diving skills and a boat dive to the Museo Atlántico.

The introductory dive is done at Safari Diving and includes a short explanation of the theory followed by a shallow dive in the sea with an instructor. After that you will plan the next dive to Museo Atlántico and go to Playa Blanca with an instructor. There you will do a pool session to learn some diving skills and the boat dive to the underwater museum to a maximum of 12 meters.

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Just spent an enjoyable 10 dives with the team here. Totally professional in every way, this is one of the best outfits I have dived with over the last 10 years. From kitting up to getting on and off the boat, every detail is covered regardless of experience so everyone is kept safe. The whole dive team are friendly, welcoming and really skilled – plus they have real eagle eyes to spot things underwater. The diving is also great with loads more life than the Med, and the Museo Atlantico is something quite special. There was plenty of fun to be had with jokes and banter aplenty, plus I witnessed loads of big grins as people surfaced after memorable dives. I took my own kit, but theirs is excellent quality and well maintained. The mix of rib and shore dives up to 3 times per day is really useful and flexible if like me you have a non diving partner. Totally recommended.

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