Dive Lanzarote in Puerto Del Carmen and Playa Blanca

Diving in Lanzarote is possible all year round. The Atlantic Ocean is clean and offers excellent underwater visibility and a wide variety of marine life. Over the years, lava underwater has formed several beautiful reefs. Thanks to the unique combination of Safari Diving and Dive College Lanzarote you will discover the best dive sites in Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca.

From angel sharks to seahorses

With a fantastic house reef and several caves on the doorstep, Safari Diving offers a wide selection of dive sites suitable for all levels. Weekly we visit the famous dive sites such as Cathedral, Blue hole and the harbour wrecks. There is also a wide variety of marine life such as groupers, tuna, barracuda, angelfish, moray eels, octopus and rays. You will also find seahorses in the bay and at various other dive sites. In some months it is even possible to see dolphins and whales.

Diving from the beach and by boat

Safari Diving offers both beach and boat dives where it is never longer than 10 minutes sailing to the dive site. There are also regular night dives. See our weekly programme.

Discover also the top dive sites in Playa Blanca

Thanks to the unique combination with Dive College Lanzarote, it is also possible to discover the top dive sites in Playa Blanca, such as Museo Atlántico, Fingers and Flamingo Wall. As a diver, you will have a second home base and will easily dive at all must-see dive sites! We arrange transport on fixed days per week. You only have to bring your own diving equipment. Tanks, weights, and rental equipment are provided on-site. If you have your own transport, you can dive in Playa Blanca whenever you want. We will reserve your place on the boat and make sure the equipment is ready for you. It couldn’t be easier.

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I’ve been diving here for years and I’ve just spent four brilliant weeks with the new owners (Marian and Bart) and the old crew (sorry Debbie I did say old). Adding Playa Blanca to the itinerary was great not just new but very different making everything even more interesting. I will be returning as soon as I can.

Paul Bowers, UK, Google