Safari Diving Lanzarote Team

Steve Hicks

Steve learnt to dive on his honeymoon in the Maldives. Returning there six more times and along with extensive diving in the UK, he qualified up to PADI Dive Master. After this Steve came over to Lanzarote from the UK and took his IDC and IE and became a PADI Instructor. He also qualified as an SSI Instructor, BSAC Instructor and a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer with many speciality courses.

He is also a trained Technician for hydrostatically and visually inspecting scuba cylinders.

Steve loved the island and together with Wendy, they arranged many holidays here for diving clubs and individuals. They also brought over school children from the UK and taught them to dive here. All the diving was arranged through Safari Diving with no problems incurred at all. In the UK Steve was employed as an Engineering Manager but had decided that the offer to buy Safari Diving was too good an offer to refuse! His engineering skills come in very handy and as well as diving and teaching, he also maintains the boats. A very busy schedule!

He has no regrets about leaving England and now enjoys life to the full here in Lanzarote, as he often tells his friends in the UK when he calls them on the phone! He does however, miss going to see his rugby team (Saracens) and catches them on TV when he can or tries to see them when he visits the UK.

Wendy Hicks

Bookie Safari Diving Lanzarote Team

Wendy also learnt to dive with Steve, on their honeymoon in the Maldives. She has been organising holidays to Lanzarote for groups of up to 58 persons for many years now. Arranging flights, accommodation - through an ABTA approved agent - assisting with car hire, diving insurance and of course the diving! The complete package!

Because Steve and Wendy know Puerto Del Carmen so well, they can ensure that the accommodation is of good standard and near to the dive centre. Wendy continues with all the bookings now that she lives in Lanzarote. Her role at at Safari Lanzarote is: Administration and finance, marketing, maintaining the web pages and all the emails for diving and assisting with flights and accommodation! And covering at the dive centre. Women can multi-task!! Wendy worked in the UK for many years as a Payroll Manager but had wanted to move to Lanzarote for a long time. It was her "dream come true!" when they bought the dive centre.

She also has no regrets about leaving England but misses going to her football matches (Everton).She manages to squeeze in some games when she visits England and watches them regularly, with fellow Evertonians, on the television here in their own bars in Lanzarote.

Joaquin (known locally as Joki)

El Capitanne Safari Diving Lanzarote Team

Joki came to Lanzarote from the basque country (North of Spain) in 1998. He worked at another dive centre here on the island before coming to work at Safari Diving Lanzarote.

He is the Boat Skipper for Safari Diving and is a PADI OWSI and CMAS Instructor.

Joki enjoys diving and teaching and in his private time he likes sailing.





Adam was introduced to diving in September 2010 and enjoyed it so much he completed all his courses quickly to become a PADI Openwater Instructor in May 2011.

He is very eager to teach people and share his enthusiasm for diving with others as he was to learn himself and he has the opportunity to do this at Safari Diving.

Since being a team member at Safari Diving he has also become an SSI Diving Instructor, BSAC Instructor and completed an RYA boat skipper course and will become a trained technician for visually and hydrostatically testing scuba cylinders




Debora is from Italy, Milan, and moved to Lanzarote in 2003 working as a manager in entertainment in the hotels here.

She did her open water diver course in September 2011 and from that moment scuba diving changed her whole life! At the end of each course that she completed she was eager to go onto the next one until in June 2013 she became a PADI open water instructor and in 2015 as well SSI instructor and is now also a BSAC Instructor.

We are pleased to welcome Debora to the Safari Diving Team on the 5th of May 2014 and she says "I' m very happy", as we are too !

She says " I wait for all of you with a big smile on my face and I will answer you in 5 different languages!!! Lots of bubbles and let's go looking for sea horses and leopard nudis !!!"

Her favourite hobby apart from traveling around the world is underwater photography.





Mauro was born in Santiago de Chile and he spent most of his life working in television. He decided to move to Lanzarote with the idea to become a diver and to mix his passion for the sea and the videography.

He learnt with German instructors up to CMAS 3 stars and then he became a PADI instructor and recently a SSI instructor and BSAC Instructor.

He has more than 4000 dives and he loves surfing, cinema and travelling around the world.





Marco is the  Dutch Instructor of Safari Diving Lanzarote.

It all started back in 1997 with a Try Dive in Mexico and he has  been addicted ever since. He will never forget his first course in Mallorca “PADI Open Water” in 2000. He was so happy and proud that he did that. Back then he only dived on holidays. After a few years he then did the Advanced Open Water Course in Holland.

He became much more serious with diving and wanted to become a professional.

During the next couple of years, he then finished all courses and worked voluntarily as a Dive Master in Rotterdam along with his job as a Captain and also a pilot on single engine aircrafts (Tour flights above Rotterdam).

He realised that diving was the most satisfying and relaxing thing that he had ever done! So then he decided to become a Diving Instructor. He learned from the best and built his experience in Holland.

After a few holidays in Lanzarote it became clear to him that this was the place to be and here his is now!

He says, “ I look forward to meeting you all here!”


Victor is from the south of Spain and he is 34 years old. He has  been diving for more than 10 years and in 2011 he did his PADI Divemaster course in Almeria. After that he went diving around Europe (Spain, Portugal and Greece).

In 2012 he moved to the Caribbean (Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama).

In 2013 he did his PADI instructor course in Costa Rica and by then had taught more than 500 courses. He loves diving and teaching.

He is a dynamic and extravagant person, always with a big smile. He moved back to Europe last April 2017 and at Safari Diving he says he found his new home and family in Lanzarote.

He says “If you would like to know me better, come and visit me at the diving centre”.



Keaton (Keats) is one of our English team at Safari Diving Lanzarote. He has experienced many dives both locally and around the world. He was originally born in Hull, England and then moved to Lanzarote at the age of 4. Living here on this wonderful island has given him a great deal of respect for the ocean. Just recently he was travelling around the world and he says “ Here I am now back at the place I learnt to become a diver and it’s good to be home again! I have a craving to learn new languages as I can already speak English Spanish & German. I am hooked on 70s 80s music and the latest Movies & TV Shows. So please don’t hesitate to ask me questions on them! I look forward to diving with you all here at Safari Diving Lanzarote





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