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There is nothing else to pay for your PADI scuba dive courses on Lanzarote

On all our courses up to Assistant Instructor, where applicable, books, equipment, certifications, tax and compulsory insurance are included in our prices. There is nothing else to pay!

You will not arrive here to find additional charges added to your bill for your course.

Try-out Diving EUR 60,-

An unforgettable experience

This is truly an unforgettable experience which introduces the wonders of SCUBA Diving to those whom have never tried it before. An Instructor will explain a little about the scuba diving equipment and the effects of scuba diving before taking you on your first underwater experience. You will be allowed time to become comfortable with the equipment and breathing underwater before we commence the dive in our shallow bay. You will also have the chance to SCUBA Dive in a couple of meters of depth and experience the feeling of weightlessness. There is so much to see on this experience and our instructors will show you some of the creatures on this dive.

Try out dive Follow Up Dive EUR 50,-

Ask us about the super discount!!

After having completed the Try Dive experience you can now go on an actual SCUBA dive to a maximum of 12 metres under the careful supervision of our Professional Diving Instructor. This is carried out in the gentle sloping bay directly in front of the dive centre, which is protected by rocks either side. You will experience the thrill of diving and enjoy the many fish to be seen in the shallow waters around our bay. After having tried this experience you may decide you wish to take one of our courses - ask the staff about these and they will explain the options to you or contact us for more information.

Instruction Dive EUR 50,-

One to one dive

You may wish to undertake an instruction dive on a one to one basis with one of our instructors. For example if you want to do a specific dive as part of a course but don't wish to complete the whole course at this present time eg the Deep dive from the Advanced Course. Please make us aware of this before arriving if possible, so that we may insert it into our program for that week.

Scuba Diver Course EUR 299,-

A course in how to Scuba Dive to a depth of 12 metres

Scuba Diver is the perfect course for those who do not have the time to complete an entire Open Water Diver Program. The contents of this course represents approximatley half way to the full Open Water Diver certification. You can then complete the second half of the program to qualify as an Open Water Diver at a later stage. Certified Scuba Divers are entitled to go diving under the direct supervision of a Dive Leader up to a maximum depth of 40 feet/12 metres. This allows you to have a lot of fun and gain further diving experience even without continuing your education. The Scuba Diver program will be fully credited towards your Open Water Diver program, which means you will not have to redo any part of the program twice. After a short skill update you can complete your Open Water

Diver rating. - Duration approx 2-3 half days

Open Water Diver Course EUR 455,-

Dive down to 18 meters

Your ticket to the underwater world - The OPEN WATER DIVER certificate.

Your PADI Student manual,DVD and confined training sessions combined will help you learn everything you need to know to start your adventure the fun and correct way.

During your PADI Open Water Diver training sessions you will learn all of the necessary skills and safe diving procedures to be a comfortable and confident diver.

PADI Open Water Diver certification cards are recognised throughout the world. They entitle you to dive with other certified divers to 18 metres. - Duration approx 4-5 half days.

We can arrange for the DVD/Manual set to be sent to your home address so you can start learning before your holidays!!

Referral or Upgrade EUR 250,-

Do your theory and confined sessions at home

For the Referral,you will need to complete 4 openwater dives and the certification for the Open Water Diver certificate. - Duration 2 to 3 half Days. For the Upgrade, you will need to complete the Confined and Open water dives plus the theory and certification for the Open Water Diver certificate. - Duration 2 to 3 half Days.

Adventure Diver Course EUR 229,-

Open Water Diver and beyond Adventure wreck dive with Safari Diving for qualified divers. Do 3 Special dives with new skills and experience and choose from: Boat, Night, Navigation, Deep, Search and Recovery, Wreck, Photo, Naturalist, Multilevel and Buoyancy dives. - Duration 1 to 2 Days.

Advanced Open Water Course EUR 299

Dive down to 30 meters New skills and experience for qualified divers.

A Navigation and a Deep Dive make up the Core of this Course. Plus you and your instructor choose three from: Boat, Night, Search and Recovery, Wreck, Photo, Naturalist, Multilevel and Buoyancy dives.

- Duration 2 to 3 Days.

Emergency First Response EUR 155,-

First Aid and CPR

Emergency First Response Basic First Aid and CPR skills for Divers and non- Divers - Duration 1 Day

Rescue Diver Course EUR 360,-

Don´t miss this one

A comprehensive course in problem prevention, Diver rescue and accident management. - Duration 3-4 Days.

Divemaster Course EUR 675,-

The first step in becoming a Diving professional

Included DSD upgrade and PADI Divemaster kit (value ? 270). During your course you'll work closely with a Instructor to expand your diving Skills and Knowledge to a Professional level. Also you'll learn and practice Supervising Diving activities and assisting with student training. - Duration 10-21 Days.

Enriched Air Nitrox EUR 185,- / EUR 135,-

Extend your dive time

Maximize your time with the Enriched Air Diver course

- 2 enriched air dives, 2 Days. (EUR 185)

- no dives, 1 Day. (EUR 135)

Peak Performance Buoyancy EUR 145,-

Why am I always first low on air?

It's what seperates great divers from good divers. Whether you are recently certified or have been diving for years, mastering buoyancy control should be a goal you strive for at any level.

Underwater Naturalist EUR 145,-

Wow I have seen a sea-horse

Do you want to see more on every dive? Expand your awareness of the underwater world and learn basic introductory information about aquatic life. It makes every dive more interesting.

Multilevel diver EUR 145,-

How to do a 45 minute dive to 30 meter

Extend your bottom time. Learn how to properly plan and conduct multilevel dives using both the wheel dive table and a modern dive computer.

Boat diver EUR 175,-

Daily boat dives

A safe, supervised introduction to the procedures for diving from a small boat. Ideal for divers having only shore diving experience.

Digital underwater photographer EUR 145,-/EUR 175,-

Share your diving moments with the world

Bring your own camera (EUR 145) or use our camera equipment inc. disc (EUR 175) A supervised introduction to underwater still photography techniques. Learn to take photographs that are properly composed, focused and exposed.

Dry suit diver EUR 145,-

Dry suit divers always a good laugh

Bring your own dry suit, because we don´t to dive in a dry suit here we don´t rent them out. Enjoy colder water diving. Safely learn the skills for dry suit diving along with information on selection and maintenance.

Night diver EUR 195,-

Come see our Million Anemone Field

Enter a whole new world. See aquatic life and underwater surroundings in a new light! Learn how to plan and safely conduct night dives.

Underwater Navigator EUR 195,-

Please bring our instructor back

No need to rely on your buddy or guide. Learning how to navigate underwater is an exciting and rewarding challenge.

Wreck diver EUR 230,-

When you find a treasure let us know

Wreck diving with Safari Diving Lanzarote Discover the mystery and excitement of wreck diving. You will learn how to safely explore wrecks including penetration techniques.

Deep diver EUR 215,-

Dive down to 40 meters

It doesn't have to be intimidating. Learn how to plan and carry out deeper dives safely and with confidence.

Search and recovery EUR 175,-

In case you lost your treasure again

Nothing need be lost for ever. Learn how to plan, organise and conduct search and recovery dives using lines and lift bags.

Equipment specialty 1 Day EUR 140,-

Extend the life of your Scuba equipment through proper care and maintenance techniques - No Dives - 1 Day.

Medical Form

Check up

Prior to your Open Water Dives, you will need to fill out a medical form to make sure you are in good health for diving. If you would need to answer yes to any of the questions please inform us of this when enquiring about the course. ( For viewing the form you need Adobe Reader. You can download a free version from the Adobe website .)

Medical Statement Form

Skin diver course EUR 65,-

One breath taking experience

Ideal for 6 - 12 year olds.

A full certification course in how to safely engage in skin diving activities and enjoy the underwater world.

Discover snorkelling program EUR 35,-

One breath taking experience

Ideal for 6 - 12 year olds.

A full certification course in how to safely engage in skin diving activities and enjoy the underwater world.


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